Media’s Cynical Criticism

Reference: White House Correspondents’ Association Annual Roast

[Comedian Faces Criticism After Controversial Remarks At D.C. Gala

April 29, 20184:29 AM ET “President Trump’s absence for the second year in a row from the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner may end up being the least controversial thing about Saturday night’s gathering of the White House press corps.”]

Hypocrisy by the press is rather stunning as it reports of a press roast that has been annually held since Calvin Coolidge’s time (1923-29), to laugh at the current administration and press for it’s faux pas and peccadilloes, yet at this year’s roast the press went senile in its response to hard hitting jokes aimed all stripes of media and administration targets.

I believe that after reading the critic’s howls of horror at Michelle Wolf’s delivery that she should be able to add her name to the “Me Too” long list of women that have been groped and molested against their will. Ms. Wolf’s humor was hard hitting but truth hurts when it’s earned. When comedy is shackled fascism wins.


“He has helped you sell your papers and your books and your TV. You helped create this monster and now you are profiting from him.” — Michelle Wolf to the media


“Gonna get Biblical here for the Evangelistic hypocritical Right, Galatians 6:7 “… a man reaps what he sows.” False outrage at the “elites” for shining a light on their behavior.” — Jon Lyons, commentary on NPR’s article


“Why does 45, Conway, & SHS get a break on pussy comments, degrading the handicapped & women, & lying constantly and a comedian, at a ROAST, gets criticized? What did Ms Wolf say that was inaccurate??? Name one thing… you can’t because there was some truth behind each joke. Sense of humor people, I thought the performance was brilliant and spot on, if anything she wasn’t harsh enough, especially to “Con”way!!!😂😂😂” — John Krempel, commentary


“I read the entire article. The truth hurts. I found her comments funny and sad. Funny in their content and accuracy. Sad that she is correct in her analysis of this regime. I don’t think she made any reference to the appearance of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, rather she called out her lies and distortions and compared her draconian views to those of Aunt Lydia in Handmaidens Tale. The defenders of this horrific regime have tried to twist what was said to make it about Ms. Sanders appearance. Make no mistake it’s about content of character.” — Sallie Humphries, commentary


“Awww, did the little Trump snowflakes get there feefee’s hurt? – Now you know how most of the country thinks and talks in regards to this administration and don’t pretend it doesn’t 🙄.” — Robert Leon Briggs, commentary


Bo hoo. You have a President who uses regular vulgarities against women, minorities and the disabled and Im supposed to care when someone uses vulgarities against him and the shills who perpetuate his lies? What I will say though is this comedians performance is just a reflection of the sad state of affairs we now reside in. But make no mistake the largest reason why we are here is because of the derisive rhetoric established by Trump and the Tea Partiers.” — Kris Veenis, commentary


“When a comedian is held to a higher standard than the president .. stop with the false outrage.” — Jennifer Clark, commentary

I share the views of the above chosen NPR post “regular janes and joes” commentator reactions to add their wisdom and insight about the criticism aimed at Michelle Wolf’s comedic roast of the press/media and our cowardly president and his administration.

The terms ‘elites’ and ‘media’ were loosely brandied about until neither had any meaning left. Elites (a hated class of people targeted by socialists and communists in political world regimes) was used to define the educated class as well as the moneyed class at the roast – and the term snubbed noses left and right because it hit all present, it can’t be both for one cancels out the other.

And to top that off, after decades of newspapers, magazines, radio, television, movies, computers, websites, Twitter, Facebook, and blogs, it would behoove us to finally connect the terms press and media as one entity, and stop pitting one against the other. I am done with Rush Limbaugh gripe about “the evil leftist media” when he is part of the same stew!

Michelle Wolf hit all of her nails perfectly on their heads and no one, NO ONE, in the media deserves to point fingers.