2018 Republican Healthcare Plan: We will help the sick find God and go to Heaven

Yeah, Sen. Mark Green’s (R Tenn) selfish plan appears to be that the non insured sick/terminally ill should forego all (Medicaid paid) treatment so that they can go to their heavenly reward (die cruelly inhumane deaths) thus saving the wealthy tons of money.

This just happened to be the Catholic Church’s method of relieving the population during the dark ages (still favored today in many poor regions of the globe that apparently only clergy and missionaries can reach) so that the wealthy nobles could remove themselves from the nonproductive and ill pestilent-carrying poor.

What a schmuck – he should have a taste of his own medicine, perhaps a flesh eating bacteria picked up on a fact-finding trip to Mother Russia could be productive in bringing him closer to understanding his constituents’ need for timely medical care.