About My #@!%’n Blog Name

Apparently I suffer from indecision about my blog name … I didn’t even put this much thought into my children’s names, I mean I didn’t treat their names lightly – I just knew what their names were and both names were gender friendly. I didn’t hash over them, like twisting and turning in bed, this name, that name … but I can’t for the life of me find a comfortable name for my blog that doesn’t sound pretentious. Or cutesy. Or moronic. I can’t seem to help myself –

One response to “About My #@!%’n Blog Name

  1. I wonder what you’re called and whether you like the name that was given to you. I have a German name, which I do not like to use in Australia, because Australians think it’s short for ‘utility’. They called a certain type of car a ‘ute’. So I changed my name to ‘Uta’, which was easy to do for a blogname. HOPE you may come up with a suitable blogname in good time! Regards Uta.

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