Bummer Thoughts After A Tumultuous News Week: Articles of Impeachment Levied Against President Donald J. Trump.

It’s really easy to get sucked into a different reality. It affects us all, at each stage of life and apparently is less transparent to most of us. Political affiliations suck at our minds and souls until we are left rudderless and morose – that is, if we are able to apply critical thinking skills to discern that we are just cogs in the wheel … The photo below is the reason for my introspection at this early desolate hour of the day – sleep eludes me and my ice coffee is no friend to a reasonable state of relaxation, blue screen be damned.

Photo by Occupy Democrats 9/27/19

My first impression was OMG what do the republicans have against tractors owned by democrats … sad, real sad.

This guy truly feels that his president would go out of his way to hand him a roll of paper towels, having his welfare at heart at all times because he belongs to the Chosen Party, well, it breaks my heart. His only value to his local town-county-state-federal government, on up to the president, is his gerrymandered vote and his ignorance wrapped in the flag, overseen by his Sunday morning preacher. Scary and sad that his (and all of ours) delusions are shared by so many dumb fucks that know nothing more because they/we can’t conceive of anything different: SSDD.