What’s In A Name?

I like how the word lyceum looks on the page in Roman letters: L Y C E U M. I like how it bounces around inside your head and rolls off your tongue. I know it was an ancient Greek school of higher learning – but I think of it as connected with my life as a teacher, my students, my Diversity Coalition group, my knowledge & pursuit of knowledge, my conversations with my cats (and lately – dogs), and the proper place to deposit my essays & random words & pictures. I’ve connected lyceum to salon, I didn’t confuse the two – there is a difference – but to me, they are connected, I don’t think that one can/should expound one’s ideas without being involved in pursuit of knowledge. Then … massage parlor … what’s up with that??!!! Well, naturally after sucking up knowledge and wanting to either make it your own or critique it, it must be massaged, added to, subtracted from, chewed, ruminated, and then massaged again to own it. Then again, I’ve already changed my blog’s name several times because the titles just haven’t seemed to fit me personally – its got to feel good – and be spunky ’cause I like a little wit … I’ll have to sleep on the new title to see of it feels.

UPDATE: What was I thinking with “Massage Sofa”? Just Because I can title something does mean I should go all space-shipy! So off comes the M S which leaves me with Salon & Lyceum because I love how it rolls, however while reading Eat Pray Love I bumped into “Between and Betwixt” (Chpt 69) which really sums up how I feel about how I fit in this world … I want to borrow B & B from Elizabeth Gilbert with love and try it on for size. (I thought that I’d read e p l and it would be fluff – boy, was I surprised, it hit me on so many levels and I couldn’t believe the little voice inside me kept exclaiming yes, yes, YES!)

Thanks for reading my blog!

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