Hypocrisy, thy name is Sarah

View Image So, okay, anyone writing anything negative against Sarah Palin is labeled a palinophobe by her “patriots” … do they realize that –phobe means fear of? Those writing about Sarah are writing in reaction to her rhetoric or personal stories that she has made public by way of her tweets or Facebook page or news articles, that they like myself are not scared of her nor her blind followers/tea bagger minions. Lovers of things English are called anglophiles, so wouldn’t those that loved Sarah 24/7 be called palinophiles? And those that rejoice at the next crazy sound bite from the hypocrisy queen of maligned truth be called anti-palinophiles? I am an anti-palinophile.

Which brings me to Trig Palin’s name. I caught an online drift of the connection to Trisomy-21 or –G, shortened to TriG, the chromosomes repeated in Down Syndrome, a condition that Trig was born with and that Palin used in her VP rallies and lately on her Facebook and call out to Rahm Emanuel for using the R-word. Quoting Shakespeare: “The lady doth protest too much!” Palin admitted that she received and read a doctor supplied Down Syndrome booklet, as well as researched Downs online – Did she think that using Trig as a first name for her son so inflicted was cute? Did she think by telling people that it was an old family name (which no one bore) and a Norse name would cover the indelicate connection to Trisomy-G, TriG? Did she think that no one would notice? At first I gave her benefit of my doubts, but now I think that ummmm, no, I think that she thought it was cute to use a double entendre. I am going to put out a deep question: Isn’t she guilty of the worse use of the R-word?

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