About Susan and I Stories

I have written and stored my “Berry Girls/Susan and I” short stories for your perusal and comments in the Pages sectionto distinguish it from my monthly posts. Each story is dated and initialed for copyright. Please visit and leave as many comments as you want – writers need feedback, otherwise we get kind of lonely …

Berry Girls Stories







Essays & Other Short Stories

2 responses to “About Susan and I Stories

  1. Oh my. You write as beautifully as I remember you drew. Is that really fair? Interesting, introspective, opinionated and all that. I’m duller than dishwater, and struggling to remember my high score on the word game on my iPod. Sigh.

    • Wow! The Brenda Ellwood? I just got back from my summer vaca in Essex Center this weekend! I missed the big bad thunderstorm that wreaked havoc with trees and power because I was visiting friends in So. Burlington at the time – it was a very selective storm. How are you girl? Thank you for reading me! One of my grad art professors pushed me to write – so this is where I’m at … cool, so good to hear from you!

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