An estimated 1 million upset crazy people marched on Washington DC this past weekend complaining about a black man illegally (birthers, haters) in charge of their government (of course they don’t call him a black man, that is way too civil for their vocabulary), doing awful things, running their government into ruin. This was a ginormous taxpayer tea-party protest.
These people don’t speak for me, I’ll say that right up front. I’ve seen their posters and heard their sound-bites which reaffirms their ignorant stupidity: a man from I can’t recall where (it really doesn’t matter), spoke to a reporter for his 15 seconds of fame and said that Obama was a liar, that he had been taxing the citizens since he had gotten into power … taxation without representation! I TURNED MY CAR RADIO OFF!!! Idiot, I muttered. Fool. Didn’t even know anything about civics, about our constitution that he keeps referencing. Then I thought, no, turn the radio on – these fools need to be heard, their stupidity needs to be broadcast from Maine to California so that thinking people, open minded people can really hear these people spout off mindlessly the stuff they’ve been fed since November by Faux News, Beck, Hannity, and King of the Dittoheads, Rush Limbaugh.
The tea-partiers are so ernest in their misguidance, so sure they are saving the government for the rest of us, so unaware that they are being controlled like pawns – Where are their leaders? Are they walking amongst them? No, they say in unison, zombie-like, we are here on our own initiative. We act alone (all 1 million of them). What were these people doing as the government was being sacked for eight years of the past administration? Why, they had their hands in someone else’s pot, their faces smeared with greed and selfish lust. They were worshiping at their Money God’s high alter in their mega-churches, trouncing on the commandments, quoting their Bibles out of context, ignoring Jesus’ words, “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers you do unto me.” They hate the poor, the under-employed, the downtrodden, the mentally ill and disabled, the unpapered-workers and aliens, nonwhite that have more than they have. They sing the Reagan “Mine, mine, me, me, me” refrain to themselves, to each other, wheresoever two or more meet in taxpayer goose-step solidarity. They are scared, fear rules their lives – they fear that, like Henny Penny, their sky is tumbling down. It wasn’t. The joke was on Henny just as it is on the tea-partiers – keep playing their crazy sound-bites!

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