Khrushchev’s Threat

Khrushchev’s Threat: This is what I’ve been saying and warning about since November 2016!!!! No one was paying attention!

NOW, finally with republican senators in closed door meetings in Moscow and Trump’s impending close-door summit on the horizon someone has taken notice. Khrushchev’s threat has more potential of coming true on the watch of our military and all who have sworn to uphold the Constitution without so much as a peep. Coincidence?

Everyone of those senators (most likely being offered alleged huge bribes by the Russians for their useful intel) should be quarantined like exotic animals (and immigrant children) and debriefed by the CIA/FBI before being released so as to not contaminate America. They are a threat to our national security.

Same thing goes for our infamous Traitor-in-Chief, blackout quarantine, impounding of his cell phones, and debriefing without advisors or anyone to feed him information – we need to take this very seriously: Trump is a near and present danger to our national security.

I don’t think that this is be too much to ask by an American citizen.

Thumbs up signaling Trump’s alleged full agreement for a Putin takeover of America and a release of all Trump’s world-wide debts.

Why is our military asleep on their watch?