Another POtuS SNIT Tweet

Trump woke up in a snit and grabbed his phone to tweet out his healthcare threat to the world – get a load of this: []

Kevin Crane wrote this gem in response> What we as Americans must understand, is that we are in an abusive relationship, not by choice, but by default and circumstance. We have a relationship with Trump and his henchmen/henchwomen. Trump occupies the position of power and control over those that are in a dependent-need position. Trump’s primary relationship is with his all consuming, narcissistic unmet needs. We are in a relationship with an addict. This addict is unable to control his insatiable need for accolades and acquisition of whatever he can, by predatory measures, take. Trump’s psychological architecture is so fragile that renders him increasingly desperate as he faces increasing disdain by Americans and the world at large. His desperation makes him an increasingly clear and present danger to the world. While there is some debate as to what mental disorders he suffers, one for sure is extreme presentation of Anti-social personality disorder (DSM-5/Diagnostic & Statistical Manual) concomitant with extreme manifestation of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Hallmark indicators is the control tactic common referred to as “gas lighting,” coined from the the 1938 play, “Gas Light,” and then the 1944 film. If and until the American public acknowledges that we are in the grips of an abusive relationship, we will continue to accept and normalize the abuse. Abuse of this nature will not arrest itself. It will escalate to predictable lethality of his objects of abuse: the American public and the world at large. Unless we are willing and committed to extricating ourselves from this relationship, we face the very possibility of annihilation. This abuser has followed through on every promise and only by external interference has he not been entirely effective. However, the one area that there is no interference: unfettered access to the nuclear codes and sole authority to launch weapons of mass destruction. Paranoia, impulsivity, megalomania and desperate need to control is the perfect cocktail for world annihilation. An abuser, who promises to follow through on threats must be taken at their word. Our unwillingness and commitment to unseat him from office renders us willing volunteers to the predictable and catastrophic murder-suicide on a global scale that he has waiting within just his short-thumbs reach!

KBP>Actually, Trump (a narcissistic sociopathic wackadoodle) gives away his hand because he can’t keep a secret – he did this all the way through his campaign – through casting lies about his opponents that were actually truths about himself. His convoluted tweets are really cloaked truisms that will bite us in the butt if we are not prepared. He needs more pressure applied to totally crack and we are capable of applying this pressure – let’s get it done! #Resist