(Where are the Eliot Nesses when you need them?)

One kind of wishes that Trump’s naive voters had some recourse in demanding a recall and a new election but sadly, we all have to suffer for their, and other like-minded republican/tea party/evangelical voters’ naivety. 

We have to be foxy smart in ridding ourselves of the pretender-in-chief by taking him down using methods that have taken down mafia mobsters. His father was taken down the same way and it can work here. Feint one way to imply FBI gotcha Russiagate takedown sources and then snap the trap with airtight RICO/racketeering charges against the Trump syndicate. Then use Russiagate to go after the rest of Trump’s regime: Pence, McConnell, Ryan, Sessions, his pay-to-play cabinet, House cronies, Leninist advisers, etc. SCOTUS declares the election bogus and calls for a new election. 

Bruised and bandaged Lady Liberty can relight her lamp and step back up onto her platform and America is great again! 

A person can dream, can’t she?