SCANDAL ALERT: Possible Threat to US Could Trip ‘Blue-Flag’ Event

Bombshell Report Suggests Trump’s National Security Adviser Is Dishonest [Dangerous, and Dumb] and a Threat to US Policy 2/10/2017

“This is a scandal. A big scandal. Republicans and Democrats should be screaming for investigations and public hearings.” —David Corn

Meg Brazil-Jones>I, for one, am shocked Trump and his cabinet are dishonest crooks. There were no signs pre-election. I wonder if this all could have been prevented somehow… huh.

Dee Negron>The biggest threat to our country is Trump and his cabinet. I wouldn’t be surprised if they staged a false flag operation just to say ” i told you so”.

“The Party told you to reject all evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”  -from “1984” by George Orwell

The real welfare queens and terrorists reside on Capitol Hill, hold office, and run multi Billion dollar corporations while being protected by men and women in badges and robes. And your tax dollars pay for all of it. 

” I hear the drum beats of war and it sounds like lies and the love of power”.

KBP>Indicators point to Chicago, well, since Trump can’t keep a secret and his projection is infamous: he has already mentioned Chicago being unstable crime-wise with an incompetent city government ripe for ‘bad things happening.’ So in my book, with vengeance as Trump’s main device, Seattle (so-called judge ‘responsible for bad things happening’), San Francisco (appellate judges ‘responsible for bad bad things happening’) or Chicago, could be targets. 

The CIA should be on this like fleas on a gibbon’s combover. Look to the former just fired WH CyberIntelligence guy’s computers for embedded information … possibly ‘unrecorded phone chats between Putin & Trumpsky’ – just sayin’ – this stuff writes itself like a bad novel!

Jeff Lieberman>”Dishonest, dangerous and dumb” is a prerequisite for service in the Trump White House.

KBP>Will it all be swept under the Oval Office carpet?