Lies as Political Fishhooks

When is real REAL? How can we tell what’s what? We Americans have been lied to, manipulated like marionettes, our whole lives – from cradle to casket. We in America like to cast despersions on other countries’ elections and regimes while raising our flag of democracy … ah, but it’s quite sickening to fall gullible to our own election/government corruption. How do we raise our heads when treason has been leveled at our president-elect and party members and half of our country’s CITIZENS COULD CARE LESS? Fake news appears to be our poisoned cool aide. And yet … I can’t stop searching for truth.

Derek W. Phillips> Everyone’s talking about “fake news” all of a sudden and I’m like… “Where were you fools for the last 20 years that Fox has been spinning lie after lie?”Or I’m all like; “Aren’t you all responsible for making that white supremacy lie factory known as Breitbart mainstream?”

More often then not though… I’m sitting here wishing humanity as a whole would evolve a few more collective brain cells and I’m curious how to reverse the evolutionary trend of disappearing spines.

It’s a sad world we live in when those who have been lying the most are gaining more and more power and those who oppose them are getting fewer and further in between.

Derek W. Phillips> … At the risk of being unpopular I’d like to address that as well… The emotional response to the right is to mirror their own behavior. The right has their media outlets that play on emotion. They incite anger and fear to keep people coming back because those sensations are not only addictive, but they tend to be more conducive to forming a bond within groups who feel victimized. When you’re talking about a group of religious extremists who will boycott a business ran by a Jewish man over a coffee cup not representing a Christian holiday; or those who will boycott a department store for recognizing the rights and desires of those who don’t conform to standardized notions of gender… you figure out very quickly who those are who are pushing the division in this nation and you fully recognize that you are not dealing with rational, caring, people.

The left has their fair share of fake media that I will get into in a moment; but while our fake media is divisive, it’s not generally intended to divide based along gender, religious, sexual or racial boundaries… The right wing media isn’t just spreading misinformation, they are deliberately spreading the notion that it is okay to hate based on the way a person was born and when you can teach people to hate so freely, that only -ever- breeds violence and suppression of basic rights.

As for the left’s fake media… Wikileaks… There, I said it. When a conservative tells you that climate change is a hoax; those of you in the mood for a fight ask them to cite their sources and you gauge the validity of their assertions based on the facts presented in those sources. If someone tells you that the Earth is 6,000 years old… Same thing.

Wikileaks operates via an anonymous submission platform and the group themselves have admitted that even they don’t know who gives them their information. They release “raw files” that I can cite to you right now which have alterations in them to add narration and neither you, nor I, know if anything else in those files were altered… Yet so many people accepted them as incontrovertible fact that even suggesting that you want actual evidence was like arguing with any other crazed flat-Earther or “Obummer’s a Muslim” conspiracy theorist.

Every one of Wikileaks releases may have been 100 percent factual… But I will never acknowledge that because the only supporting evidence towards their validity was their reputation. To which I point out that even Bill O’Reily had a reputation for honesty before he went to Fox and got paid to have an agenda.

Basic point being… Expect better from yourselves and from your media. Demand accountable facts. Otherwise I see progressives in this nation, more and more, adopting the same tactics and falling susceptible to the same brainwashing that we are all trying to fight against.

Craig Boulay> I think it’s comical for a noted liberal to say that right wing media distorts facts and insets their reality as if the liberals aren’t guilty of the exact same thing. All media is rubbish and they’re all guilty of distorting reality. There are more liberal outlets than conservative ones, yet you only condemn one side? Until people, and specifically people like you Mr Reich, admit the media stopped being an unbiased source of information a long time ago, then the general populace will remain a largely ill (mis)informed culture of memes. Accept some of the blame and acknowledge how pathetic and polarizing both sides are.

Craig Boulay> At no point did I say anything condoning Trump so not sure what going on about him has to do with what I said? I think he’s a cartoon character but the fact he got elected shows exactly how terrible the other candidate was which is too often overlooked.

KBP> Craig Boulay: ” … exactly how terrible the other candidate was [portrayed by the right’s regime with an assist from outside intervention] which is too often overlooked.” 

All that HRC was accused of was the exact reflection and intent of Trump (with the addition of sexual assault, white supremacy and infidelity). When she was called crooked it reflected -elect’s well documented crookedness, when he called HRC a liar it was to cover his own malodorous lies, etc.

Rally supporters were eager for his staged propaganda event because everything they were fed by the media outlets was reaffirmed when -elect took the stage; he took on the role of a carnival barker fleecing his gullible pawns.

How does one break this cycle? Send a generation off to war to rewake the anti war protesters and underground resistance? Send in worms to aerate the soil with mischief? I don’t know … but my soul aches and my 62 yr old bones are weary (and wary).

I rest my case – we on the left were our own worse enemies.