The New King?

Is the president-elect Jesus? Really? He fails all of the litmus tests: no matter how you repackage it, Jesus was not a pussy grabber. Jesus loved the poor, the disabled, infirm, people of color and different cultures, LGBTQ, honored women, children and wasn’t thin skinned: He practiced turning the other cheek without retribution. He believed in forgiveness, cured the sick and fed the downtrodden. Jesus was known for his distaste of money and money changers, Pharisees caused his blood to boil – yet, He would accept them into his fold if they gave up everything and followed Him. Jesus spoke in parables so that the slow of wit and uneducated could understand His point of view, He espoused love of neighbor above almost anything except love for Yahweh. Prejudice, racism, greed, living by the sword were all anathema to Jesus … the only comparison that works in -elect’s favor is his fondness for prostitutes and changing water into cheap Trump wine. So, since all of the above should be Sunday school fluff bred into -elect’s followers, especially the evangelical crew, WHO is putting it out there that Trump is Jesus, The New King? Would that be Lucifer and his manifold minions?