Post Presidential Elections: The Winter of Our Disillusionment

I never thought I’d be a banner holder against the USSR – where are my elders that went through WWII and were adults during McCarthyism and the beginning of the Cold War and the Civil Rights struggles? Where are they? In nursing homes, in their 80s and 90s reliving their childhoods – with little strength to speak up. They voted to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. They were conned and voted against their best interests: Social Security and Medicare. They were conned by FoxNewsEntertainment into accepting a TV barker as president. They were conned into fearing their country had lost its greatness.I consider myself a child of the antiestablishment 60s and 70s: anti war, pro civil rights, anti politics as usual. Make love not war. John Lennon. The USSR and Communist China were our enemies back then – but no one seems to remember this crazy period of time – fallout shelters and air raid drills. We were taught that we could survive the A-bomb! 

We teachers spend too much time wallowing in the French Revolution in history classes that makes it almost impossible to make it to our modern age! We teach about imperialism and corporation monopolies, yellow journalism and demon rum but don’t relate it to our very time. We caution against history repeating itself but don’t point out that we are reliving it NOW! Very little time is given to the World Wars and what is taught is strategy: trench warfare, weapons, bombing of Pearl Harbor, and the USA military saving the day but not the horror and not the political reasons behind the whole mess other than the support of Allies … the glories of Lenin and Stalin, Hitler, Churchill and Eisenhower. Heck, Castro just died and the world leaders shared platitudes and swapped niceties!!! Bay of Pigs, anyone? Cuban Missile Crisis have any meaning? The threat of USA annihilation by Russian communists bent on Nikita Khrushchev’s (I’ve called out his name several times this month already!) plans to occupy America filled our nightmares! And this is all forgotten, our world leaders and especially our own country’s leaders want to play nice with Russia and China? So I, as a baby boomer, need to shred my antiestablishment banner and join Bernie Sanders and John McCain (and not sound like senile old nags) in warning/educating our own citizens about Russia’s goal to politically destroy its foe: America, land of the Free, with its doors open to whoever is in peril and suffering from persecution!!! 

I never thought it would come to this — that on the brink of my retirement, having singlehandedly bettered my parents earning power, education attainment, technology prowess and political savvy, that I would have to spend these years protesting against the uneducated and racist radicals and in defense of the establishment is beyond my imagination!

Joel Jody P. Dietz Jr.: BEST!!!! Post on the internet.

Spot on Kat. Kathryn Berry Poulin

I will read this over and over again… right now I am shaking my head in disbelief, sadness, and despair in what I have witnessed our society that evolved into a cesspool of self-gratitude, and ignorance that is in the stratosphere. 

I just looked up at the news on TV and guess what I just saw?

Kanye West hugging Trump at his Trump Tower lobby!!! WTF? Why is Kanye West meeting with Trump? Mr. West would not answer any questions along with Dumb-Dumb (as is expected), and flat out said I am here for pictures only!!!

What, NO press conference about our future as a free society? Noooo… just a photo-op and a smile.

Save us all.

More from Jody: Maybe we are all living in a virtual reality world. The world of Honey Boo-Boo, Duck Dynasty, the clan known as Kardashian and the Apprentice?

Dear Jody: All plastic fakery! This would have been the time of JFKJr – he would have been our president today if ‘they’ (the men on the grassy knoll) hadn’t taken him out. Maybe it’s that we live in the Matrix – that we are fed our reality though naval cord hookup. Quite possibly we know too much for our own good and haven’t died out yet to make the world a better place …

Everyday, with each additional cabinet post filled by -elect Trump, I grow more and more alarmed. Every cabinet nomination is topsy-turvy, up is down, back asswards WRONG for this country! all meant to dismantle America for the Russians. And all I read and see is our leaders just flapping their gums and doing absolutely NOTHING! #RiseUp #Resist

How can I get any work done (with Christmas/Hanukkah coming along fast) with all this political crap clogging my mind and binding my heart? Huh? 

Round up the ProPutinists including -elect Trump and Comney, McConnell, et. al., charge ’em with Treason or Sedition or whatever sticks, convicts ’em and throw away the keys! 

Invalidate the 2016 Presidential election and hold a new one: let the same players run except Pence will be the GOPTP stand-in with a vp pick, plus any senate and house seats that will need fillin’ in. Only paper ballots should be issued and gerrymandering/voter suppression be damned. All voting shall be overseen for safety and liberty’s sake by UN and govt observers. 

President Obama gets an extended stay in the WH with full duties of a sitting president until the election is held and the end numbers jive. The electoral college can vote its final vote before it is disbanded and our national elections are brought up to 21st century standards. 

This should all wrap up in the spring of 2017 after the winter of our disillusionment! Then we can celebrate our country and keep America Great Again!!!

Read this:

I’ll end my blog with the words of a fellow writer, Janet Pollock: This is an open letter to Mr(s). Comey, McConnell, and Giuliani: Your life, as you know it, is over. At best, you are a disgrace. You will never be taken seriously, or be trusted, EVER again. Here, in America, as well as nearly every other country on this planet, you will NEVER have the life, you and your family were living, again. At worst, you will likely be tried for any number of serious crimes, including treason. And, even if you are somehow acquitted of the charges, please see the previous statement. Your ONLY hope of reconciling with this nation, and, quite frankly, yourself, is if you turn states evidence and come clean about EVERYTHING! No matter what Mr. Trump is holding over you (because surely you wouldn’t have had a part in this travesty if he didn’t have something on you, or was it purely out of greed?), you can make this right. You can preserve a slim piece of your dignity if you just help to undo this travesty, this mockery of America and justice and everything that is right with the world. So, please sirs, please, look deep within your soul and find that small piece of humanity that is still in there and just speak. Sincerely, Janet L. Pollock

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    Rise up!
    It’s not too late.

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