Demand recounts and audits in EVERY state!

I don’t just want to see the recounted votes, I want, no – I demand, to know what or who was responsible for election fraud and vote robbery in the first place. I want solid investigative reporting that goes deep and ferrets out names of the planners, corrupt voters, hackers, you name it – I want it splashed over media everywhere! And I want to see actual hefty consequences for tampering with our presidential elections.

We can’t shrug and let this crime go unchallenged – there should be absolutely NO COMPLACENCY and NO FORGIVENESS. This should be a partisan request, because without this vote challenge we will all be losers.

And since Trump said that there was vote tampering in New Hampshire, Virginia and California – take him up on it – he is telling us that his people did rig the election! I honestly believe that all states need to be recount their votes and any republican governor that balks it means that, like refusing a breathalyzer test, they’re guilty. If this means deadlines were missed then they need to be suspended because VOTE TAMPERING SHOULD NOT BE LIMITED BY PROCEDURAL DEADLINES. Put off the electoral college vote, the inauguration and the extend President Obama’s term until our national dilemma is solved. And no, Paul Ryan will not assume the presidency! Nor should the Supreme Court step in to select the next president. All votes in every state are suspected of fraudulence until proven correctly cast by registered voters.

We need to shake up the election results and put heads on pikes because we voters need to put our collective foot down and say NO MORE MONKEYING WITH OUR VOTES because a sacred trust has been broken. 

We can’t go on with a con man in the White House. We can’t accept the dismantling of the principles and policies that offered us federal and state protections and constitutional rights that protected us unequivocally from ruin and strife. 

Throw the P-E Bum, his wife and spawn out, throw out his homophobic Vice President, throw his mashed up cabinet out, throw his Nazi advisors and mouth-pieces out on the street! Disinfect all surfaces, mics, camera lens/screens, etc., that any Trump or Trump – related entity has touched. Like the ancient pharaohs of old, chisel out all reference, all mention of Trump all across our “America has Always been Great,” country.