Technology Fails

While I was searching for diversity material I happened to notice a Trending list of OS updates for popular devices/systems. While I mostly use Apple products I do still have one PC that has the new Windows 8 OS – the OS before the newly minted point something fixed update. I really dislike anything Microsoft and since some recent service pack updates I have found out that my reliable Open Office applications won’t open and all of my writing can only be viewed as PDF files … My dislike of MS cuddles in my stomach but this post isn’t about me, it’s about the problems with technology and the ACA Rollout. Two items on the Trending list that caught my attention informed me that Windows 8 updates were experiencing some major failures: (1) Windows 8.1 Error: Secure Boot Isn’t Configured Correctly; (2) Windows 8.1 Installation Fails with Blank Black Screen. These failures are huge when you think of the numbers of businesses and regular folks that went for the big Windows 8.1 updates that stole hours of their time for faulty codes that turned their computer screens black and unusable. In comparison to the ACA Rollout sign on difficulties, the Windows debacle is just as bad but I haven’t heard about any House Committees calling any special hearings to discuss MS technology failures closing down America’s ability to send/receive emails, launch data and watch YouTube videos. What’s up with that? Microsoft’s crappy OS updates and ACA Rollout stall are one and the same: human imperfection at its worst. The good news is that there is a patch for that! We all need to get over ourselves and the programmers need to check their code and make corrections in a timely manner. And come to think of it the main problem all along is that rushing to put out something whether it’s healthcare access or new/updated OS or o-rings – testing and retesting on a humane schedule produces stable product. Period.