Why does my Obama bumper sticker bother you?


My response to a Tea Party bumper sticker question:
My Obama sticker makes me feel safe and secure, now to the matter of intelligence: unlike GOTPers sitting in the House and Senate; I understand female anatomy; the concepts of both rape and contraceptives; how women at this time in history still earn less than men; how the constitution and bill of rights applies to the US citizens, including the executive and law making branches; how gerrymandering works to stack the deck toward TPers winning their offices; I understand how greed and sponsorship by wealthy ultra conservatives/fundamentalists can sway votes in the House and Senate; I can identify treasonists and seditionists when I hear and read their speeches; and I understand that GOTPers looked the other way as two wars were instigated without funding; and that when you owe money you pay your bills – this applies to countries as well as taxpayers. More importantly, I don’t lower my IQ by watching FOX News, listening to scream radio or belonging to a fundamentalist church.