The Tea Party Plan To Shatter the American Republic

The Tea Party Plan To Shatter the American Republic. [This a reblog and are not my words. Read and open your eyes. Knowledge IS power.]

The following is mine, they ARE my words.

As I read what I now refer to as The Plan I heard myself repeating the same words that Jews caught in the Holocaust had uttered, “it can’t happen here, people won’t allow it, not at this time in history, Yahweh will protect us …” I want to discard what I read as hyped up propaganda from crazed minds, untrue, malignant conspiracies – but don’t conspiracies contain a seed of truth?

I believe that most died-in-the-wool ‘republicans’ are cradle republicans, much like Catholics identify as Catholics even though they had no input into their choice. Present day common republicans are brand oriented but seem to be slowly waking up to the hijacking of their GOP by the Tea Party ‘patriots’ and it doesn’t sit well with them. It makes them uneasy. This is their dilemma: they don’t know what to do and where to place their allegiance. (Inaction is no action unless it causes them to stay home and not vote which would foil the TP gerrymandering scheme.) Most GOP voters would be horrified to read this planned Tea Party agenda: they could no more accept the Taliban/Puritan fundamentalism proposed in The Plan, i.e. rolling the government back to the 1790s Founder’s vision of the Constitution and capping the Bill of Rights to the original 10, WASP rule, blue laws, total wipe out of civil rights and any recognition of females, period, than they could believe that it started after Reagan with (Iran Contra George H. W.) Bush, on their watch so-to-speak.

The Plan calls for ‘precinct by precinct and county by county’ take over, much like a virus mutation, mindless blind ants bent on cleansing, Biblical retribution and vengeance will be voted into Law under the republican banner propagated by sleeper cells doing their master’s bidding.

We don’t need to fear foreign takeover – we have our own home brand.

The kicker is that this has been written about by science fiction writers during the 20th century but shelved as too far-fetched fiction, we have become desensitized; the red scare, Kennedy assassination, civil rights riots/marches, church bombings, clinic bombings, WBC propaganda, redefining rape, nullification of contraception usage, health insurance culling of the sick and weak, drugging the citizenry (legalizing marijuana, as in Karl Marx’s dire warnings of “… the opiate of the people” being used to mollify resistance),  the NRA-TSA-NSA … my nightmare list is brief but alludes to the poison of The Plan. I can point out the slime trail but I can’t visualize the action/incision that would stop the cancer because it would be worse, I fear, than the Spanish Inquisition, McCarthy blacklisting and Watts riots combined. History will repeat itself unless someone, anyone, is willing to be Crispus Attucks to wake us up.