This is what I don’t get: I have spent time reading and studying the current political stalemate between the US House and the Senate. And I’ve read a lot of reader comments from all sides, some angry about the failure of the sides to work together, others questioning how exactly they will be affected financially; if they can weather the storm medically, put food on the table, gas up the car, pay the rent. How close to living their constituent’s lives are our House representatives? I would imagine that there is a river of a divide between a six figure income privileged multimillionaires and someone that is middle class or a single mom getting by food shopping with her WIC card. Yet our congressmen and women play games even drinking on the job, tearing the infrastructure out from the government’s foundation on the whim of not wanting to work with a president that has championed programs for the people, acknowledged their pain and spirit to carry on.

I don’t get their fraudulent Christian masks that they don while mouthing passages of the Bible, disrespect Jesus and his commandment to love our neighbor as yourself, flaunt their power over women’s lives by nonchalantly trashing their ability to get birth control pills in order to control the size of their family. Their more than gleeful spite in voting over 40 times to defund the ACA when they knew it equivalent to throwing a tantrum, is a slap to the people who put them in office.

I don’t get how their misguided constituents blindly applaud their representatives’ every move when they feed at the federal feed bag, sometimes even double-dipping, expecting to get the $$$ that falls to the floor and live as large as their benefactors.

I don’t get the dog-eat-dog world of Tea Party politics at all.