US House TeaParty Terrorists

John Boehner (GOP Speaker of the House) is using extortion tactics to delay Obamacare for a WHOLE YEAR, or the Republicans/TeaParty Patriots will shut down the government if their demands aren’t met within 48 hours. Is there any difference between Somali Uzi wielding pirates and the present GOPTP extremists trying to shake down the Senate, President, and US citizens? Supposedly, Republicans ran and were elected on their JOBS platform.
Turns out the only jobs the Republicans were interested in were their own. They believe that all unfortunate unemployed US citizens that have had their homes foreclosed, need SNAP cards to feed their children and ACA in order to access healthcare are crackhead bums living off the backs of the hardworking 1% and require frequent media shaming and drug tests in order to make their congressmen/women continue to receive their corporate gravy.
What the Republicans don’t believe in is anything that President Obama believes in. Even if it was something that they once actually created and backed (Romney’s Universal Healthcare) if it is promoted by President Obama then it is trashed. Absolutely NO legacy building on their watch (unless it is their own).
Turns out the only affordable healthcare they are interested in is their own AND the only government they are interested in is their own small corporate sponsored government (subtract all Democrats = small government) run on a shoestring budget, AND needless to say, supported by the activist conservative Supreme Court.
No Democrat can afford to sit idle during the 2014 midterm elections – we have to create CHANGE that we believe in, keep the Senate and take back the House!