Snow Day

snowflakesMassachusetts south coast region got hit with a whoppa snowstorm that started yesterday (January 21, 2014) at noon and intensified during the late afternoon and overnight. It left New Bedford 9″ of fluffy snow in its path.
Snow Day!
Yay! Of course I write this now but I’ll hate it in June especially since Alex & Alicia will be getting married June 21st!
“Sue, are you staying put in Lakeville?” my friend Sue has artificial hips and knees so snow and ice are not her friends, if it looked like she could have lost her power then she would have stayed overnight with family members in Berkley. She stayed put and texted me that she was okay and echoed that we didn’t have school the next day. “Thanks for the No School text! Sue!”
She’s return text read: “Hey! Starting tomorrow! I want to walk after school each day if we can! The only thing that should stop me is if I need to leave school early for an appointment! Are you with me? I will get to bed early so not to mess up the next day!”
“Yes Sue, let’s walk after school every day!”
“Hey Sue, ummm, I can’t see my car!”
“I can see my car! At 12 noon I am going out in shifts to do my driveway!” Sue lives by a lake and often has to contend with winds that really pack the snow into drifts around her car.
“Yeah, I have to go out too'” I respond. “… I pick January 30th at 11AM because the polar vortex should be gone by then.”
“Lol” I can hear her chuckle 17 miles away.
“I meant it why are you laughing? I’ll teach from home in my PJs like CEOs do … or not, I guess I’ll go find my car,” I grumble.
“Hehe,” she giggles at my wit from Lakeville.
“I am preparing to find my car – right boot on and double knotted, left boot partially on … Have already located shovel and windshield brush. Pondering which coat to put on for maximum warmth. Gloves, muffler, hat – check check check!” I type on my iPhone.
“Left boot on – now standing and selecting coat. Will update after I find my car. Don’t know if I will have the dexterity to shovel out car once I find it though – too bundled up!”
“I found my car! At least I think it’s mine,” I type and then remove a glove to take a photo for evidence.
“All done! Can’t feel my toes, nose or my fingers! In I go to warm up – chore done.”
“Do you have to pee? Usually kids need to after they bundle up!” she asks. “I had kale soup for lunch ~ yum!” She brought kale soup to school for lunch and I brought a bag of crusty rolls. Our shared lunch was Devine.
“Yes, as a matter of fact I do need to pee,” I type back.