Romney’s Pandora’s Box

I have questioned the voter’s perchance of voting against their best interests, I’ve delved into our stalled, obstructionist congress, and the fact that our representatives of the GOTP variety are not beholding to represent the US voters but adhere to a pledge they made to Grover Norquist. I have lamented the fact that billions of dollars that could help turn this great nation around through actually providing monetary investment in US worker-based companies, instead are plopped  down, as if I were to make a $125 contribution to the DNC, in support of GOTP ruination of the middle class and further privileges for the wealthy.

I have tried to focus on Mitt Romney’s lack of leadership/truthfulness because I have personally been affected as a Massachusetts citizen/survivor by his governorship. But, while reading Jason Linkins’ Huffington Post article entitled “Andrea Saul, Romney Spox, Gets Pilloried For Mentioning Candidate’s Most Important Achievement,” I came across a reader’s comment that I wanted to re-post on my site because it sums up everything about Romney succinctly [from Huffington Post’s Community Pundits commenter Tssent shared on August 8, 2012]:


If I’m even almost kinda remotely vaguely thinking about voting
for Mitt Romney and my vote is contingent on his core claim that
he is a great businessman — since he has no other claim to greatness
but that one — I am hard pressed to find a single example of something
great he’s done for business (except for his family).

His Detroit “throw ’em under the bus” reaction was absolutely wrong.
His idea that buying out factories, firing half the people and selling
the carcass for a huge profit was wrong. His sabre rattling over the
Chinese dissident issue was wrong, righted in a mere 24 hours
by Obama who showed him how to make it work our right for all.

His choice of a team to run his campaign has been horrific. His
choice of a new team to replace them has been even worse.

His need to lie about Obama’s statements by taking partial
extracts from speeches, his absence of any platform on what
he would do, how he would implement it and why it would work,
mere days (96) from the election, his failure to recognize anything
so everyday as a chocolate doughnut served him, his total absence
of thought in making a dog ride out a 1,200 mile trip on the top of
a car, his consideration of fellow Americans as “you people”,
the list goes on and on and on.

I don’t find a single strength in his business acumen. I don’t find a
single strength in him other than his ability to make “you people”
invest money in his idea which, if they fail, are devised in a way that
he loses nothing, personally.

His refusal to BE an American candidate by not producing his taxes,
his suggestion to America that it is stupid to invest money in American
banks (invest in one of 7 non-U.S. countries that he does), his blatant
outsourcing of American jobs and his failure to understand that he,
among thousands of Elites like him have perpetrated and sustained
the Recession by investing overseas and offshore instead of in
America, his willingness to raise taxes on already over-burdened
taxpayers so that he can lower them on his pals, his quirky and
unsettling laugh at the most inappropriate of times, these and an
enormous list of out-of-touch characteristics and pursuits that
define Romney, all suggest what Gingrich and Santorum both
predicted from the get-go: that Mitt Romney is absolutely hands
down the single most inept individual the GOP could select for
its candidate.
How right they were. How right they are.


As a registered independent voter I wonder why fellow voters can excuse Romney’s dangerous deficits in personality and in leadership choices, to vote against best interests if they are on the brink of bankruptcy, unemployment, family health issues, Social Security, Medicare, or pension reductions – we do not need a repeat of Richard Nixon in any way or form, or Ronald Reagan, or God forbid, anyone with the surname Bush, or anyone with TP leanings to lead our country. We need someone willing to carry on his to pledge to Americans to work hard for their success, to honor the US taxpayers with bringing US companies back to our soil, to find ways to help employ the nation’s unemployed, to honor our military with providing jobs when they return from service, and honoring the military patriots that gave their lives to restraining from further conflicts that benefit wealthy war-contractor investors.

I believe that if unobstructed by a greedy, oligarch influenced right-wing Washington legislators,  President Obama and Vice President Biden will be able to resuscitate our country and revive the middle class while bolstering the poor through housing, job and educational programs.

I make no bones about my support: Obama Biden 2012

Oh, and Romney’s tax returns do matter: to paraphrase Romney, if we knew more about him, we wouldn’t vote for him … right out of his own mouth; we should heed his warning – it was the only time he was being truthful. His tax returns promise to be a Pandora’s Box, not just to his life style, investment choices and tax right-offs, but they spotlight his peer’s choices also which can be even more damaging!