Poor still waiting for Trickle-Down Economics to pay off

I want to start off with two comments by two responders to Huffington Post’s article on Harry Reid exposure of Romney’s 10 years of unpaid taxes. Yup, you have read that right – one Mormon calling out another Mormon over wealth.

Paul the pilot wrote on 8/1/2012: “Poor people don’t hire people. Don’t go to a poor man and ask him for a job. A poor man is poor for a reason; and it doesn’t matter what that reason is. If you won’t a job, you go to the company where the people are successful. That’s where the money is; and that’s where the jobs are. For those of you who want to work, get used to the reality you just read about. POOR PEOPLE DON’T CREATE JOBS.”
Then Donovan Hadaway followed with this comment:  “So I guess we will just tax the rich to feel better and make unemployment worse. You know, I get so tired of hearing this same tripe over and over again. Rich people create jobs, pay the salaries, and pay almost all of the taxes. Get over it.”
My point in leading with these two comments is to emphasize 1) the amount of complete brainwashing FOX News has on folks, 2) the faulty belief systems people hang on to in order to validate their economic standings, and 3) poor education of the masses (not that quality education was not supplied, it had nothing to adhere to).
I won’t even expand on point #1, enough has been written about FOX News that doesn’t have to be re-qualified here. I want to go over points 2 and 3: primarily that of faulty belief systems backed up by thinking myth is fact, as in replacing learned fact with Rush Limbaugh supplied myth.
The term trickle-down economics was not coined by President Reagan, however it was a term tossed around by another republican, President “Clean Plate Club” Hoover (not the cross-dresser FBI Hoover) back at the dawn of the Great Depression. Much to Teddy Roosevelt’s mirth (that rascally Progressive Republican), Hoover had to eat his words and say that trickle-down economics would not work. Pres. Reagan grabbed the crusty old republican adage, dusted it off and thought that no one would notice his reuse of the term – and thus the greedy found a god in Reagan and the poor were encouraged to feel more guilty and burdensome than ever. The middle class shrank a little but no one seemed to notice until the Bush years when all of a sudden jobs began to disappear, pensions dried up, and those people who were comfortable in their middle-management jobs had to apply for unemployment.
Rush Limbaugh did his best to lead his Dittohead choir in chorus after chorus of “lazy, drug addled, rotten, undeserving pukes sucking at the Federal teats’ using taxpayer dollars and state handouts to shrink the pie for everyone else” … hurting all chance of America’s workforce to work in American industries. How could corporations even hope to employ people who demanded living wages? And more importantly, how could any multimillionaire even consider investing in any type of start-up business when they may be taxed for their efforts?
All the Republican news sources and talking heads began to voice the myth of Trickle-Down Economics  drying up, that only the unregulated rich could create jobs to employ the poor and since Congress was taking an unusually long time in obstructing and Nay saying to bipartisan jobs bills, well then, there was no green light to create those much-needed jobs. But here’s the thing: corporations have been making profits hand-over-hand, they had enough cash to help start-ups ten times over except they could budge because the current president had to be removed from the White House first and in order to do that these big corporations, banks, pharma, agi, oil, foreign countries, etc., bundled their millions and billions into Republican Super PACs!
Doesn’t it bother anyone to read that Romney’s donators gifted millions at one shot to be followed by other even more generous donations? And yes, President Obama’s Super PAC receives large donations but his base write out checks for $3 and $6 dollars when they can.
What I’m focusing on is the multimillion dollars geysers being absorbs not by the unemployed, not by green businesses, not by our tax coffers — but by election fat-cat monsters not beholding to the people that they are pursuing to represent! This absolutely drives me crazy, and what drives me even crazier is that people, common  punch-the-time-clock, hourly wage earners believe that it’s up to some millionaire to create a job for him and that he should be grateful to lick the boots of millionaires and not ask for anything like benefits or handouts – because everyone knows the poor aren’t good for anything more than shift work, they especially are not good at creating jobs or even ideas for jobs.
Really? The poor should only be good for accepting scrapes and be made to grovel for those scrapes? This is not sound thinking! Jobs have NOT BEEN CREATED because the Republican party members bet that the country could withstand 4 years of ‘fallow fields’ in order to turn its citizen’s faces toward the golden opportunities of the BIG FAT LIARS: Trickle-Down Economics and Capitalism will jointly fix the ailing country – Happy Days will Reign Again! For who? Not for the poor, not for the middle class …