Whitewashing Elitism the GOTP Way

Average, A Yahoo! commenter on a Lech Walesca/Romney stream, wrote, “Republican: def. smart pay for own college, house, food, medical, employed works hard. Pays taxes so welfare and illeagles can get free housing money, healthcare, phones food and education. Democrat: def. Lazy unemployed, possible illeagle, welfare abuser, who gets free education, healthcare, phone, money, housing, food. Looks a lot like Obama!”

I couldn’t resist replying: GOTPers, by definition, have to cast racial epitaphs to raise their own self-esteem. I didn’t know that all unemployed workers were fired/laid off due to their party affiliation and skin color. I also don’t think that welfare or illness is defined by party. So many mid-level, and higher, managers have been unemployed for years because they are older, more experienced and fallow for too long. Are you judging their worthiness? And following your definition I by rights should vote for Romney but no chance – I’ve already experienced his leadership style in Massachusetts.

What really sets me off is how mislead most brainwashed people are – they insist on defining themselves as average Americans wronged by the opposing party. To do so they must put on their lily-white armor to distance themselves from the wasteful, sloth-like UNEMPLOYED, DARK SKINNED, WELFARE ABUSING Democrats who, they have been told, are responsible for all economic hardships. Really?

Wrong doers have been proven to be Wall Street speculators, big Bank CEOs, big Pharmacy CEOs, big Corporation CEOs, little regulations concerning lending, oil drilling, SuperPACs, etc., that hurt everyone across the board. Republicans have been robbed of their pensions, as well as Democrats, and just as many Republicans has been foreclosed on as their opponents.

The bill payers (the middle class) are shrinking, give aways to the wealthy are causing anxiety symptoms to taxpayers in both parties. But no one wants to blink first as we careen toward another possible Middle East war, no one wants to acknowledge that we are all in the same boat and crushing icebergs are looming. Someone has to say enough is enough, we need to say that greed is anti-American, that family and partners are as diverse as quilts, that everyone is feeling the pinch, that a Republican led war will only constrict us until all we have left to give is our sons and daughters as blood money to the warlords. I say that this is the time to stop, calm down, and vote for peace, equal taxation, and Wall Street regulation.