“Formers” Jump Party to Endorse Scott Brown

Paul Walsh, former MA Bristol County Democrat District Attorney, eh tu? You decided as a democrat to support Brown over a fellow anti-corruption democrat, Elizabeth Warren? Really?

It appears that a few democratic turncoats are endorsing Scott Brown on Southern Massachusetts republican TV ads and all of these Brown supporters are ‘formers’ who the voters can barely even remember: former Boston mayor Ray Flynn; former Worcester mayor Konstantina Lukes; former MA State Rep from Gloucester Anthony Verga; I know, rememberable, right? Voters in their twenties and early thirties have to think hard to place their faces and party affiliates. I remember Flynn as a Catholic and Vatican ambassador that condoned Cardinal Bernard Law’s hideout in the Vatican during the early days of the Pedophile Priest scandal. Good choice there too, Flynn.

Another current MA Democrat willing to endorse a Republican is Medford city councilor Rick Caraviello, who claims he is a “life long Democrat” and is proud to support Brown because as a small business owner, wants Brown to reduce small business regulations – Really?

I bet Caraviello was a Bush 2-term staunch supporter, if not openly then knock-knuckles-secretly, Life Long Democrat, my ass! Caraviello is a turncoat democrat and a life long democrat no more! He is a coattailer that believes if he grabs on to the republican gold ring that he too will be taken up into the big boy’s 1%er’s club.

Keep dreaming, turncoats.

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