Mitt: Show Your Tax Returns

I am reposting two comments from The Huffington Post because I so totally agree and believe they  need to see the light of day. Bon Appetit!

Mitt Romney: ‘I Never Paid Less Than 13 Percent’ In Taxes

The Huffington Post | By Sam Stein Posted: 08/16/2012 12:36 pm Updated: 08/16/2012 8:33 pm

THP commenter Steelej 8/16/2012 The Huffington Post wrote:  13 percent of the 500,000,000 million [Romney] probably has – maybe more, maybe less – is 6.500.000.  Look at the difference in the zeroes! And don’t respond that he’s paying on his yearly income, not his net worth, much of which has probably gone untaxed. He’s an awful, ungrateful man to the country that provided him with the opportunity to horde more money than most people could accumulate in 500 years of hard work. And he did it on the backs of many who will no doubt vote for him anyway. Astonishing.

THP COMMUNITY PUNDITS commenter Bronxdude 8/16/2012 The Huffington Post wrote:  Republicans like Mitt never let the truth stand in the way of a good story, and contrary to the great ruse concocted by Paul Ryan, 1) America is not broke, 2) Boehner is not “doing the will of the people,” 3) 86% of Americans oppose the Ryan Plan to change Medicare to a cost prohibitive coupon based system (which would cost seniors $6,400 annually), 4) 67% support Obamacare (54% republican), 5) single-payor health insurance is the most cost-effective, deficit reducing option available, 6) 71% of Americans want to end farm, oil, and insurance industry subsidies, 7) 78% of Americans support Planned Parenthood, 8) 81% of Americans support raising taxes for millionaires, 9) under Obama’s economic policies, stock market valuation went from 7,262 in 2008 to 13,111 in 2011, and 9) Democrats are against wealth redistribution; instead, Democrats want tax equity—those who earn more, pay more (currently, those earning more than $250,000 pay 14% in taxes; while those earning between $29,000 and $59,000 pay 29% in taxes). If every Fortune 500 Corporation and the top 2% paid their fair share, taxes for middleclass households would see a 57% reduction, the cost of healthcare would shrink 70%, and the deficit would be erased by 2015. Cantor wants to cut taxes for the wealthy and corporations by $5.5 trillion over the next ten years and pay for it by abolishing Medicare and privatizing Social Security. Cantor wants to cut Medicare benefits by 60% and increase deductibles and co-pays by a whopping 80%. Under the Feds, the cost to administer Medicare is 6%; under Cantor’s for-profit, coupon-only, greed-driven, privatized plan, the same administrative cost will balloon 86%. It is mathematically and theoretically impossible to simultaneously cut tax revenue and reduce the deficit. During the last election cycle, through Citizens United, Charles and David Koch “bought” the House of Representatives, giving $147 million to 82 of 87 freshmen Republicans in exchange for favorable legislation designed to abolish collective bargaining, federal and state environmental protection laws, and the EPA, FTC, and FCC. It would appear that buying government is a good investment. In the short time Republicans have controlled the House, disposable income for the middleclass has grown less than 2%, as opposed to 64% for corporations and the top 2%.