I am watching the POTUS tonight

After 8 years of watching NCIS reruns and HBO movies instead of the State of the Union address, tonight will be different.

I, unlike a lot people, expect a gradual change from the dark side because I realize what it takes to undo the ignormous mess that Bush/Cheney made of our country. [My dream is that they are tried (even if absent) by a foreign country and convicted – but this is another blog.]

I expect our nation to take years of wrangling to get back on it’s feet, anything fast wouldn’t last – it would be a cheap fix. Those who think otherwise, who think it is their right to get rich quick on the backs of others, curse the poor, and use God as a tool, are the ones with little regard for the worth of their neighbors, much less their country.

I am used to delayed gratification; I am a teacher.

I have faith that President Obama will see us through. We will survive. It will take people, regular people, to stand up to the NO-sayers, the corporations, the religious right, the dubious-right right, and wrestle the change we need into being.