Sign petitions to save our Democracy

I signed up at and Public Citizen’s Don’, and then signed several petitions to start saving our democracy (what is left of it) from corporate influence. I thought that others may be interested in joining the fight. Below is a letter suggested by – if you can think of a better on then create one – the purpose is to inspire action in Washington DC.

Subject: Help stop the flood of corporate money into our democracy


Yesterday, the Supreme Court announced a disastrous rollback of campaign finance laws. Their 5-4 decision gives corporations free rein to spend unlimited amounts of money on elections.

It’s a horrible decision. But we can undo some of the damage if Congress passes public financing of elections, which would give progressives and populists who don’t have industry backing the ability to compete.

I just signed a petition urging Congress to pass public financing of elections quickly–can you join me at the link below?


3 responses to “Sign petitions to save our Democracy

  1. I am watching my country as it is pushed into the sewer of corporate crime. Now I see the US Supreme Court, an arm of our government whose charter is the protection of the Constitution, as it climbs into bed with the same criminal organizations who are at the seat of the demise of their own United States. Is money and power so seductive that you sell out your own mother country? It would certainly seem so!

  2. Corporate America exerts too much influence on public policy. We must find a way to stop this.

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