It’s Propaganda: We Are Following Hitler’s Playbook

I’ve been ringing this bell for months and months, sometimes on social media and other times in alarm and anger, in public on my soapbox. Dan Rather gets it and he has dusted off his soapbox to voice his concerns. I noticed that Lester Holt (NBC Nightly New anchor) has also spoken up in a brief report. John Oliver has added his biting commentary to his Sunday night news segment. Don’t let up! Don’t stop! Fight fascism with truth in journalism.

KBP> Exactly, Mr. Rather. I’ve been saying so for months: Propaganda is being used to woo the gullible and wear down the tired. It has happened before with devastating results.

I am sorry that I took my country for granted – I was young and dewy-eyed. I expected perfection, I canvased and voted for McGovern for president (imagine if that had been the path we took – no Nixon, no Reagan, no Bushes, maybe an Al Gore) and equality amongst the citizenry. I never thought that I’d have to fight so hard for something that started out as an ideal, as an experiment in democracy. I didn’t think my generation – the largest generation born from war and into Cold War, wealth and wishful possibilities, would lay down for fascism.

Didn’t curing polio teach us to stand up and fight – that we can beat tough odds? I’m appalled that religion and hatred has divided our nation, that fallout shelters are being built and stocked to ensure that white supremacy survives a nuclear war. And that everything I write is being put down by my pro-life, gun toting, undereducated, doppelgänger Trump supporter, that if she had a voodoo doll would stab me in my heart. Enough is enough: stop this nonsense and right this train – get us through this treason phase and into meaningful just government, for the people by the people. Let us follow the lead of our youth (I recognize the flame) to get our country back. As our first step, Boycott Sinclair Broadcasting!

We’re on Step 4 of the Hitler Playbook.

We citizens need to wake up before it’s too late.