Get it yet?

Mitt Romney, R-MA governor is the true author of the ACA – before all of the stranglehold republican amendments that weakened it. 

Yeah, imagine that! A republican authored the ACA and still the republicans can’t stand it. And it was the republicans that named it Obamacare out of spite. Wasn’t enough kickback in it, it appears, for their ‘Masters’. 

The republicans in congress (Senate and House) hate the fact that they have lowlife constituents that they have to be accountable to that aren’t rich – they’d like to pretend they all work for the Koch Brothers (which they are actually beholden to campaign funding-wise) but sadly they aren’t in that stratosphere yet. But they try, oh how they try, MitchMcConnellPaulRyanTedCruz They all curse the reality that they were born lowbase and not of royalty with golden rattles in their pampered fists. So, they take it out on us lowly workers and smucks who they dogfight for yucks and $$$ bucks.

News flash: we middle class idiots only mollify ourselves with our worthless class pedigrees when in actuality we are all the POOR, some poorer by degree than others, but seen as scumpoor to the 1-2%ers. THERE ARE ONLY TWO CLASSES: WEALTHY and poor. We are their poor lackeys and they are our Scrooges. They expect us to bootlick and die off quickly and to never ever rise above our stations in life (btw they hate state lotteries and The Beverly Hillbillies TV show). 

The sooner Trump republicans and Bernie/HRC democrats and us independents acknowledge this fact, the sooner we can make changes to benefit us lackeys and overthrow our ‘masters’. Get it yet?