Prayers for American Healthcare

After hearing that Sen. John McCain is receiving emergency surgery for a blood clot in his brain to which I extend my well wishes, I can’t help but reflect on the irony that while McCain can receive “excellent treatment at the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix AZ,” most American citizens and especially those his age would not even be given such care under the “Better Healthcare (TrumpDoesntCare) Plan” that the republican party hobbled together out of spite against the poor, disabled and elderly as a gift to the wealthy in the form of a tax cut, and which McCain was prepared to vote along party line to support. 

This operation, medication and recovery would impoverish most Americans and would be reviewed by an insurance death panel (Vegas odds makers) in order to even be given the choice of surviving such an operational procedure done on a shoestring budget: hospital stay, medication and recovery would all be severely reduced and the quality would be marginal; survival could be declared a miracle under the draconian republican healthcare plan and would require a miracle to pay for. 

Some would say this little recess is God-sent to wake up American voters and their congressional representatives to how horrible the current Healthcare bill actually is, especially how divisive it to our country’s population of middle class and poor: women, children, the retired and elderly, disabled and destitute, and those through no fault of their own have pre existing illnesses; this will create haves and have nots and death will permeate our once great nation. Ponder this over your Sunday repast after church services – Amen.