Actions Punishable by Death

Facebook video: These 23 everyday actions are punishable by death — if you’re black in America. #AltonSterling#MicBrights

After I watched the “… Punishable by death” video, I went to click on LIKE but withdrew it because LIKE is an irresponsible response to something as unforgivable as these outrageous acts of – racism/prejudice is too lite of a word to use at this time because the number of people killed is staggering – tyranny and white supremacy would be better words, and then add the words state and local district which involves the government. Add to these words CONDONE which brings this video to my front door. ‘Condoning’ is a word that involves me and whoever else that also watched this video – we condone this tyranny when we say it’s just the blacks that deserve these actions because they did something that caused the police to respond the way they did … That we weren’t there to witness the actual crime or series of events that lead up to the police actions. 

That’s right – we weren’t there. But I know one thing: if I would have been stopped for having my rear taillight out I would have either been kindly reminded to have it fixed or been given a warning by the stern police officer. The color of my skin is my privilege to have a civil conversation; the color of Philando Castile’s skin is what led to his death. No more condoning, no more white privilege, no more police tyranny. This has got to STOP. And IT HAS TO STOP AT THE TOP: state governors, state AGs, top prosecutors, grand juries and judges. 

Castile’s video MUST put A STOP TO POLICE VIOLENCE TOWARD PEOPLE OF ANY COLOR. NOW. PERIOD. Because Castile’s death can’t be tossed aside – his death needs to stand for JUSTICE.