The confederate flag (in any format) should not fly on US soil

I had no words at first when I heard about the Charleston, SC, Massacre, I just gasped. All I can see when I close my eyes in sorrow, out of respect for this is … Horror … was racist motivated needless bloodshed . This home grown terrorist act done I believe, in response to answer the call for ‘angry white men to stand up’ is a pure racist act done under the champion of the confederate flag flying boldly over the South Carolina state capitol. That battle flag must come down in shame and all situations were the flag is displayed in any state in the union it must be acknowledged for what it is: a racist call to arms to break the union. The flag IS the epitome of hatred, it IS hate speech defiantly flying in the face of the 1st amendment. It MUST be banned as a terrorists symbol and all who scoff at its significance need to know this: it is no different than the ISIS banner. All who belong to racist communities and organizations should be hunted with the same zeal as foreign terrorists and face the same, THE SAME fate. The first place in each state and community to face total expulsion of racist activity and solidarity must be police and state police fraternities. And then the FBI and like federal organizations, the military and all governmental offices and office holders all the way down to the citizen that flys his hate openly in our faces: hate will not be sanctioned in the United States of America because these 9 souls mattered. Amen.   

Sheila Garrison commented on 6/19/2015: … They [FoxNews] make me physically ill. Actually, I don’t watch the news. I read it. When it is all video and it is just sheer repetition, I just can’t deal with it. I read my news. If I want video, I have that option. But when it becomes a “network’s” mission to vilify a man just because of the color of his skin, despite the fact that he is POTUS, and is the mouthpiece for a party that has one goal. Become so obstructionist that this country has been decimated by their hate for one man. I am not a Fox hater. I just don’t feel they have anything relevant to say. Instead of calling this a hate crime because 9 African Americans were murdered, they were caring it it a war on Christianity. To a lesser degree it might be. But it really isn’t. This criminal had one goal. Kill black people. There might be room for argument if it were done in another church. But he targeted a predominantly African American church with a roomful of African Americans. He then stated his mission was to kill African Americans. This is what is not being acknowledged. So, as soon as I heard them calling it a war on Christianity, I turned them off. They are irrelevant, and they had a chance to change their tune. I am done with them. The last non-partisan news report I saw on Fox was when a bunch of tornados broke out over Oklahoma about 10 years ago …]

I started to read Sen. Graham’s reasons for keeping the confederate flag, scrolled down the post but couldn’t bear to read this man’s tripe. 
As far as I’m concerned Linsey Graham is as much to blame for the Charleston Massacre because he was the one that called out for ‘angry white guys’ to respond (to running for election) maybe several months back: “we’re not generating enough angry white guys’ …” It may have been about politics BUT it’s also a subtle cry for angry white guys to take on the ‘challenge of making things RIGHT for white people’ however they see fit, with whatever means possible. 

Tear down the confederate flag and burn it. 
The confederate flag is a symbol of racist hatred, secessionists, terrorists and it draws from and gives credence to haters and terrorists throughout our country. Make it a federal crime to own and display the confederate flag, battle flag, patch, symbol, etc. in whatever form. Sen. Lindsey Graham: “Your way of life” is not the collective United States of America citizen’s way of life. OUR flag is Old Glory and it flies for ALL OF US.
[Lindsey Graham: Confederate Flag Is a “Part of Who We Are”—Inae Oh on Fri. June 19, 2015 11:15 AM PDT posted on
Following the mass shooting inside a black church in Charleston, South Carolina on Wednesday, one flag was conspicuously not lowered to half-mast in tribute to the nine lives lost in the deadly attack—the Confederate flag, which regularly flies on the grounds of the state capitol, despite countless calls for its removal because of its racist roots.

The rebel flag’s presence in Columbia was especially disturbing this week after images surfaced showing the suspected gunman’s embrace of the flag, which was on his license plates. (Dylann Roof also wore patches baring the flags of Apartheid-era South Africa and Rhodesia, the racist symbolism of which was evident.)

While other GOP politicians, including Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker, are criticizing the flag’s enduring presence, Sen. Lindsey Graham, who hails from South Carolina and is now running for president, has come to the rebel flag’s defense. According to Graham, the Confederate flag is an integral “part of who we are.”

Kitty Carlisle commented: Germans do not fly the Nazi flag, in fact, it’s illegal. The Confederates lost the war. That flag is a battle flag that represents fighting against your own government in favor of slavery. There is no defense for flying it over a government building in this day and age.

And Marilyn Silva wrote: His comments alone are a disqualification to serve as president. His allegiance is to the Confederate States of America, so he’s a citizen of a hostile nation state.]