Grand Juries are lead by police friendly prosecutors 

This is an US Uncut repost from Novenber 2014:  
KBP 5-3/2015: Anger is still boiling beneath the surface for a lot of Americans. It takes a lot of neglect and abuse for the anger to boil over into the streets – Ferguson and Baltimore – are obvious examples.

People wonder how Grand Juries could misunderstand that cops were/are the aggressors – I’ve always blamed DA manipulation of facts and evidence. The repost comment from Mitch pretty much illustrates my belief of how corrupt police departments are all around the country:

Mitch Dysart: Most people don’t understand how a Grand Jury operates. For felonies, a Grand Jury must issue an indictment that states there is probable cause to charge somebody with a crime – this comes from pre-Revolutionary English law and is intended to protect the innocent and keep “junk” cases out of the courts.

Theoretically, a Grand Jury can hear testimony and issue indictments on its own, but in reality it never does. Even though it legally operates as an organ of the court, the prosecutor controls what passes before it.

Unlike a petit (trial) jury, a Grand Jury does not need to reach a unanimous decision. A majority (or in some states a supermajority) is all that is required to return a true bill (indictment).

The prosecutor controls every piece of evidence presented to the Grand Jury, and how it is presented. The deliberations are secret. And if the Grand Jury returns a no true bill (no indictment) the prospector can re-present its case as much as it wants.

The standard is not proof beyond a reasonable doubt; it is merely the far less onerous standard of probable cause.

Because the standard is only probably cause, because the prosecution controls what is seen and heard, because the persecution can re-submit, because a unanimous decision is not required and because there are no adversarial proceedings, grand juries almost always indict.

Some jurisdictions automatically refer all police related shootings to a Grand Jury.

KBP: Clean up all of the U.S. Police departments. Now.