I <3 Madison Epicness Kimrey

ACTIVISM · OPINION / OPEN LETTERS / RANTS · WOMEN’S ISSUES Open Letter to Phyllis Schlafly From 12 Year-Old Madison Kimrey – Liberals Unite by Kimberley Johnson April 17, 2014 samuel-warde.com

I ❤ Madison Epicness Kimrey. I am totally in awe with her ability to speak her mind with logic and simplicity. She is able to get her point across without harsh words or name calling which I laud her for, especially when addressing Phyllis Schlafly (who I can’t help but think of as the wicked witch of the north (although Schlafly was from the south is was no Glinda) – she never got camera time on Wizard of Oz so I feel safe in making this connection – she, Schlafly, has been a thorn in my side

 since the 70s for her mean spirited attacks on the ERA and its crafters, supporters and equality policies, and all of the other pronouncement ad nauseums that has ever issued from her mouth) which makes Madison a much better person than me, as an activist and feminist. I wanted to see the passage of the ERA in my lifetime and with young women fighting for it passage like Madison, my heroine, it just might happen. And if not in my lifetime, I have faith that she will see the ERA through in hers. You go, Girl.

Please read Madison Kimrey’s letter to Phyllis Schlafly on Whimsy Wise-Abigail Adams Brigade or go to samuel.warde.com or visit Madison’s website.