Toxic Dog Food

It is always wise to research whatever Fox News reports because most of it is pure BS as is this lawsuit report. Propylene glycol is not antifreeze but it is in ice cream, you know ice cream that people eat. The FDA and USDA have played its use. Instead of ignorantly consuming whatever Fox feeds you, take the time to check things out – a little education goes a long way in opening one’s mind.

I quickly googled and found the following: “Propylene glycol, also called propane-1,2-diol, is an organic compound with the chemical formula C3H8O2. It is a viscous colorless liquid which is nearly odorless but possesses a faintly sweet taste.”

“Serious toxicity generally occurs at plasma concentrations over 4 g/L in, which requires extremely high intake over a relatively short period of time, or when used as a vehicle for drugs or vitamins given intravenously or orally.[21] It would be nearly impossible to reach toxic levels by consuming foods or supplements, which contain at most 1 g/kg of PG, except for alcoholic beverages which are allowed 5 percent = 50g/kg.[22] Cases of propylene glycol poisoning are usually related to either inappropriate intravenous administration or accidental ingestion of large quantities by children.[23] The potential for long-term oral toxicity is also low. In one study, in 1972, 12 rats were provided with feed containing as much as 5% PG over a period of 104 weeks and they showed no apparent ill effects; no data on offspring was offered.[24] Because of its low chronic oral toxicity, propylene glycol was classified by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration as “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS) for use as a direct food additive, including frozen foods such as ice cream and frozen desserts.[25][26] The GRAS designation is specific to its use in food, and does not apply to other uses.[27]”

“Propylene glycol is an approved food additive for dog food under the category of animal feed and is generally recognized as safe for dogs,[41] with an LD50 of 9 mL/kg. The LD50 is higher for most laboratory animals (20 mL/kg).[42] However, it is prohibited for use in food for cats due to links to Heinz body anemia.[43]”

References: 41. See Code of Federal Regulations: 21 CFR 582.1666 42. Peterson, Michael; Talcott, Patricia A. (2006). Small animal toxicology. St. Louis: Saunders Elsevier. p. 997. ISBN 0-7216-0639-3. 43. “pg_cats_latest.PDF” (PDF). Retrieved 2013-06-21.

PURINA SUED FOR ALLEGEDLY KILLING 4,000 DOGS WITH ‘TOXIC’ FOOD by JAMES JOINER 02.24.15 posted on The Huffington Post 2/24/2015

I read the Beneful article posted on Huffington Post and of course there was a lot more to the story that Fox News flung out to its mindless masses. First of all the article didn’t run with the panic headline and it explained that the propylene glycol was indeed okayed for consumption by dogs and humans but the report went further — “Cereghino thinks there’s another culprit in the mix, and he’s named it in the lawsuit. They’re called mycotoxins.

Translated directly from the Greek words for “fungus poison,” mycotoxins are, essentially, a toxic byproduct of mold. When it comes to ducking discovery, they’re an especially crafty brand mold byproduct, and one found in all types of grains.”

I have always suspected that food had to be the silent killer of our pets because if it’s one thing we humans do is pamper our pets and they seem to be dying of cancer and mysterious diseases at very high rates – doesn’t connect with all the pampering. I think that our pets deaths are “canaries in the coal mine” so to speak, because our pets eat just about 100% processed food and processed food is bad for us humans and secretly killing us too. We need to wake up and clean up our diets, we need to trash our fat and disease inducing garbage we call fast food, slow down, eat organic, not allow Monsanto to poison us and our children with GMO grains, veggies, fruits and meats. When bees die and our dogs die, we will be next – wake up and live full lives by getting rid of toxins in our foods, medicines, cleaners, clothes and air we breathe! I sound like I’m on my soapbox but this shit is real and we need to do something to turn things around and demand change.