Inequality for All

I just watched Robert Reich’s Inequality for All documentary on Netflix. It was 90 minutes well spent on a snow afternoon. Reich speaks from his heart, he knows economics inside and is easily approachable. One of the first names that I googled after finishing the film was Nick Hanauer, not because I was impressed by his successful businesses, fancy Audis, and savvy tech speak boastfulness of having it all BUT because he came off as a callus boastful have-it-all and part of the problem and damn proud of it smugness. What I found on his site was a man who had a tough time getting his message out (failed TED talks) and I believe that his problem is that he is received exactly as I perceived him. Plus it’s right there on his website: he prioritizes his worth as ‘a venture capitalist, author, political theorist, philanthropist, fly fisherman, husband, father’ … When, with the right attitude adjustment, and using a little help from the philosophers he studied way back in college, he could rearrange his bio to read ‘father, husband, fly fisherman, philanthropist’ his TED talks and pro-equality message would come across sincerely. I’d also appreciate more of his trickle-down getting into the lower subclasses not as give aways but as education and kick-starters – just because a business does not crack the Fortune 500 doesn’t mean it can’t influence its location by bringing up all that live, work, are educated, consume within its sphere. Think about this Nick Hanauer. Good job, Robert Reich.