Getting Facts Straight Depends on if You Don’t Watch Fox News

Snarky Pundit started a FB post “Liberals started the Middle Class/Republicans Destroyed It 1/9/2015.
David Webb posted his comment: Well okay let’s do. In the last 50 years republicans have only been in the majority once and they balanced the budget.
My reply: When was that? Eisenhower? Definitely not Reagan. [The Dixie Democrats changed into the present day GOP Lincoln’s party became the New Democrats of today.] The first election I voted in was ’72 (McGovern/Nixon), Nixon took us off the gold standard, sooooo LBJ was president in 1965 (50 yrs ago) and he was a democrat, we were in Vietnam and I think the budget was bloated with war financing. Get your facts straight: the last time the budget was balanced by a republican was in the 1950s, flash forward to Clinton, he was the president the last time the budget was balanced (with a republican congress) (CNN).
Facts are at our fingertips, people. And they are not hard to grasp (or spin).
I don’t even think I could have imagined Google as a 6th grader in Frye Elementary, Mr. LeClair’s class, Lewiston, Maine, 1965. I mean, what was a computer??? The Internet? Ya, right! I don’t think I could imagine being alive in 2015! because we were still doing Air Raid shelter drills in ’65. We were situated close to Bath Ironworks so “Duck & cover” was the practice of the day (Lewiston was roughly ten-eleven miles as the crow flies from Bath, and radioactive fallout knows no boundaries, we’d be toast anyway from the bomb blast/fireball). Arrghhh! Growing up during the Cold War did wonders for our fragile psyches. Who complains that today’s kids are death-oriented? We, my generation, the tail-end Baby-boomers, were THE original death generation! We were Vietnam War ground fodder. We were the Fallout Shelter babies. We were the End-of-the-World Clock, 5-minutes to midnight, total world annihilation, generation! Balanced budgets? Boohoo.