City-mandated Blue Light of Support

From Facebook post New Bedford Guide
Interesting motion that will be presented to the New Bedford City Council this evening. Do you support it?
WRITTEN MOTION, Council President Gomes, requesting, that the City Council and the Mayor go on record in complete support of New Bedford Police Department and the men and women of the department who do a very dangerous job protecting the City and its Citizens each and every day; and further, that the Citizens of the City join us in showing support for Police Department by placing a blue light on your front porch, or in your windows as a sign of support, for the remaining days of the month of January; and further, asking our School Department and students from every middle school and…

My reply: I believe that we need a citizen board that oversees police policy and acts as the investigative arm to discern police over reach and corruption – instead of the police agency policing itself – I am not in favor of embracing a city-mandated community blue light and schools-driven show of support because what is really being blindly embraced is police-state policies (definitely a 1984 vibe). Every urban and suburban municipality needs its own CITIZEN police oversight board to reign in police over-reach. Praise local citizen/police/met/firefighter/teacher heroes to the highest degree, while at the same time supporting department whistle-blowers and cleansing each and every department of corruption.