REAL Voters

I have a major problem, as a woman and a Massachusetts resident, recognizing Romney, plus his five sons (including Tagg who threatened to punch Pres. Obama for dissing his dad – he’d probably hurt his hand for not knowing how to make a correctly formed fist!) and Ryan, as REAL MEN. This is the latest spin Romney’s organization is spinning: Vote for Romney, a Real Man!
Real men aren’t bullies. Real men don’t put down the less fortunate. Real men don’t cheat on taxes, or hide their money in off-shore accounts. Real men don’t promote voodoo economics. Real men don’t stomp on women’s rights and support anti-women rhetoric. Real men don’t spin lies and “miss-spokes”  and “take-backs” and flip-flops and employ fear mongering tactics when talking to the elderly. Real men serve their country during a draft instead of hiding in France. Real men don’t voucherize/privatize safety net plans, education, FEMA, healthcare to funnel/infuse funds into Wall Street/Big Banks.
It doesn’t take furrowing your brow, clenching your fists, or finger jabbing to give the impression that you are manly to be a Real Man; a Real Man is not a fake. Real Men & Women recognize all this and vote for a man who is walking the course, who is persistently and methodologically moving our country forward. They vote for President Obama.