Former Massachusetts Governor Romney Will Give a Repeat Performance as President

Instead of restoring funds to the anti-smoking program, [Governor] Romney chose to fight for a tax cut for Massachusetts’ richest residents. One of his first budgetary moves as governor was a capital gains tax rebate worth $250 million — enough to fund the tobacco-control program at the level the CDC recommended for more than seven years.

Romney played hardball with the state Legislature on the tax rebate, instructing the Massachusetts Department of Revenue to send notices to about 48,000 taxpayers who might be eligible for it, thereby generating public support for the measure. In the end, about half of the total tax payout went to just 278 wealthy taxpayers, The Boston Globe reported in 2005.

* * *

What Romney did to the least of Massachusetts’ citizens he will do to the entire country as president! Also, do you notice a trend with rewarding wealthy taxpayers with tax cuts? Yup, Romney only sees the wealthy of worthy of his largess, definitely NOT the less fortunate or even the middle class – he was, as governor, only interested in picking their pockets for spare change fees and hidden taxes. Good riddance Romney, we have no fond memories of your stewardship and no confidence in you as our former governor, and, absolutely NO support in your bid as president!

Massachusetts has already been porked once, we sure don’t want to bend over again!