Romney’s New Stategy: Are You Better Off

I Commented on: Democratic Convention 2012: Romney Campaign Launches GOP Response At Dem Convention [The Huffington Post | September 3 2012]

Romney wanted to know if Americans thought they were better off now than in 2008(!??) Here is my answer:

Hey Former Governor Willard Mitt Romney, I am better off now then I was when you were governor of Massachusetts! You trashed our state, we sunk to 47th in jobs creation! You harmed education by taking our forward momentum and stomping on it; you even wanted to decimate special education but by then the voters caught on and put a stop to your ripping the state apart for your personal gain. Whatever was on those harddrives you had destroyed must have been really damning … I wish some had survived in someone’s basement … that information could be more explosive than your tax returns/Bain Capital debacle. Your term as Governor of Massachusetts should be the bellwether of your presidential capability to lead is judged. Am I better off now than I was in 2008? Hell, yes!

Here is Romney’s reply: What are you going to do to an outspoken female, Mitt? Knock me down, straddle me and cut my hair? Punch me in my uterus? Increase my taxes/fees like you did in Massachusetts? Bomb Iran? Strip me of my Social Security – ooooh, too late, your God Reagan did that already! Suppress my vote? Governor Deval Patrick won’t let THAT happen in Massachusetts! Ban my contraceptives? Too late on that one, too. End the GOP War on Women by voting the GOP out of office in November!!!