Rule for Reading Other People’s Media: Zip Your Lip

My thoughts exactly! It’s funny that when I read over someone’s shoulder I never judge because I’m just so happy to have something to break the travel tedium! Peeping Reading Toms should keep their mouths shut & turn their comments off! Please read the following er logged post by Lee that handles Peeping Reading Toms appropriately …

Live to Write - Write to Live

A recent post on Twitter really got my blood boiling.

A screen capture of a Tweet "Woman on the Train reading 'Bared to you'. Looked over and saw the words 'cleft', 'licked' and 'wet'. Not acceptable to read on the train.

I’m sorry, I missed the press release naming this clown the Minister of Appropriate Public Reading Material. Thus my reply.

 Screen capture of my reply. "Srsly? You CHOSE 2 look at her page. She didn't shove it in ur face. Srsly, a book is far less intrusive than some people's music"

I have done my share of commuting on subways, and trains. My book (especially on an e-reader) is NOT bothering you. The sounds screeching at top volume out of your ear buds? Those make me want to put my head in a toilet bowl and flush continuously. Alas, I tune it out for the sake of peaceful coexistence. Who am I to tell you what you can and can not listen to? I have different tastes and it is not my place to impose them on you.

I’m am an easy target for OSPTs (over the shoulder peeping toms). I’m visually impaired, so the fonts on my Kindle and iPad are set to XXL. A larger font, is not…

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