VT Diaries: Raccoon War Day 3 – Diabolical Beast

July 3 Morning: Raccoon War Day 3

Diabolical Raccoon: 3

Struggling Humans: 0

I can’t believe it … Karin rented a super-duper trap yesterday afternoon. She made sure that the hinges were springy and solid, and that it was big enough for a large raccoon. The sales clerk assured her that she would catch whatever was bothering her. Heh, heh.

We set the trap at dusk and put out an enticing feast for the rascally beast. At around 1 AM a terrible racket broke out in the greenhouse! Screeching and gnashing sounds bespoke that the trap had worked and caught the raccoon!

Karin awoke to let Nikki out for a pee and smelled skunk just as Nikki bolted – good to know that the skunk had left his smelly calling card and was long gone. Karin looked in her greenhouse and found the trap had been tossed around and that it was EMPTY. However, the plate had been licked clean.

Ooooh, now Karin won’t let it go, she is absolutely besides herself – it has never taken her this long to trap an animal – its not like she is a novice, she has a reputation to uphold! I suggested we add some poison, but what do I know – I’m from Massachusetts. Tonight, we stake the trap to the planting table and ground for added security. “This should catch the bugger,” Karin says with a crazy gleam in her eye.

Stay tuned!