Investigate Romney’s Financials

The Offshore Candidate

Investigation: Mitt Romney’s Offshore Accounts, Tax Loopholes, And Mysterious I.R.A.

7/3/2012 The Huffington Post


‘It Is Shocking That A Presidential Candidate Should Think That Is O.K.’

What is even more shocking is that GOTP voters (those of the 99% purposefully uninformed Fox News spoon fed variety) think that its okay for a presidential candidate to hide $30M in Bain Capital funds in the Caymen Islands (not so hidden now, is it???), utilize tax loopholes and have mysterious IRA account(s) … Its like the dirt poor & beholdin’ sharecropper (majority) backing the high & mighty plantation owners (minority) during the war Between the States – where there was never any chance of trickle down benefits for the sharecropper in his or anyone’s ideology. The only thing shared was skin color – sort of like now.

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