Stop Trampling Women’s Rights

[I am home fighting a stomach bug … it seems natural to want to vent my spleen about the latest contraceptive battle.]

1. I want President Obama to stand strong against the catholic bishops and not buckle to their demands. He is supported by a high percentage of bipartisan voters of all religions who demand that women’s health overrules catholic dogma.

2. I demand that all religious institutions and houses of worship and clergy pay taxes. They put out their offering baskets for public tax dollars to supplement their financial input, then want to govern who receives what services for those public funds.

3. I am so tired of hearing any complaints by catholic bishops about any government policy. I believe the only place they should be allowed to complain is through letters to their faithful read by their priests during Sunday mass or printed in their newsletters/newspapers/magazines. Their remarks should only be directed to their exclusive audience, which are their only consciences to protect.  Non-catholics should be exempt from their pontifications.

4. The United States is not now, nor will it ever be, a religious state. Conservative republicans detect a weakness in our president that they prey on: he wishes to be so bipartisan in his reach to all citizens that whatever noble cause he starts to champion becomes watered down mush due to the constant whining and badgering by a few to the consternation of his many backers. Doesn’t President Obama hear the howl that goes out whenever he waffles? We want him to stand up for his principles, resist compromise, resist the corporations and banks and Wall Street, resist the churches insisting that they rule the people.

5. President Obama, do not cave in to the naysayers. Women, and those that support them, need you to stand up for them by saying NO COMPROMISE. Women’s healthcare is too important to disrespect, women’s right are too important to dismiss, WOMEN are too important to overlook – we are not second class citizens. Women vote.

6. I demand that waffles only be served on a plates for sustenance. That caves are only  spelunked recreationally. That compromises are only employed when both sides give something of equal value; one-sided compromises are give-a-ways. Supporters need to be recognized as invested parties in compromising situations, they add the heft to the equation – know that you, President Obama, have supporters that don’t want you to waffle, cave or compromise our rights away! Stand firm.

7. The funny thing with the contraceptive rule is that a Public Religion Research Institute poll (Huffington Post, Bassett, 2/10/2012) reported that a majority of Americans support requiring health plans with contraception coverage; 58 % of catholics said the same.  Who is listening to the citizens? Public opinion says STAY THE COURSE and don’t give in to religious bullies who feel it is their sole right to dictate public policy from the pulpit.

8. Those women that do not wish to use birth control are not forced to purchase contraceptives by their health providers. They may say “no thank you” and go on with their day. I will defend the right for any woman who wishes to use birth control be provided to her through her health care package.

9. Since when has those with “Taliban-mentality” been invited to control our country’s morality? Is a citizen truly free if he is male and not-so-much if she is female? Is this what it has come down to?