I Won’t Take It Anymore

Today I received an email from the NEA asking me if I’d had [enough of] it yet – yeah, I have had enough. I’m fed up.

I’ve had enough of the orange Speaker of the House telling me to let the wealthy 1% and the top 500 corporations keep their tax cuts so that they can help the little guy find a job. I’m tired of hearing the Speaker lecturing about the unfair regulations that hamper big business from giving jobs to the little guy.

I’m tired of  the Supreme Court and Congress favoring corporations over citizens. I’ sick at heart that First Responders are dieing of cancers without insurance coverage or concern by any Republican House members.

I’m sick of watching lying and thieving Republican politicians tell the little guy that fracking isn’t poisoning drinking water, that glaciers aren’t melting, that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme, that pensions are hand-outs, that vaccinations cause cancer, and that I should work until I drop dead to help the wealthy find the fountain of youth and longevity.

I am tired of hearing Hannity and Limbaugh pollute the air waves, and Fox News destroy brain waves.

I don’t want to ever see another Texan occupy the White House, especially another Bush or a cheating Perry.

I believe we women can do a lot better than Palin and Bachmann; I am sick of tits and ass shilling guns and family values. I prefer Secretary of State Clinton’s brains and ability to think on her feet, and admire Arizona representative Gabrielle Giffords’ dogged determination to get back on her feet.

I am tired of Republicans nosing around my bedroom and doctor’s office and place of worship – who are they to tell me who I can or cannot marry or have sex with, or how many children I can or cannot bring into this world?

And I am especially sick and tired of Republicans interfering with how I vote, who of my fellow citizens can or can’t vote, and making it so damn difficult for everyone that wants to vote cast a vote.

I hate Republican rhetoric that maligns education and scapegoats teachers.

I am tired of dressed up patriots that want to roll back the country to Pre-Industrial Revolution/Pre-Civil War days. I am tired of the religious right telling the little guy that hurricanes and tornadoes are consequences of sin and homosexuality.

Yeah, I’ve had it and I don’t want to put up with it any more. Our president is hampered at every turn, opposed for the fun of it – and the little guy is tied to the president’s struggle because no one else in Washington wants relief, no one wants job creation while the president remains in office. No Republican wants the unemployed to work for a living wage and benefits while the president works to relieve the burdens of the poor and middle class.

All of us little guys need to wake up, we need to realize that we work for ourselves and not the pampered rich, that we vote our conscience, practice our faith unfettered, and love our fellow-man and freedom wholeheartedly. Our economy is high stakes, as are our dreams, safety, and pay checks – we need to tell those people who represent us – the little guy – to either represent our wishes or we will vote the bums out of office. We need to say this loud and clear at town hall meetings, at rallies, protests, in print and on the air waves.

We need to heed Jefferson’s advice and turn out those that obfuscate on the tax payer’s dime and get ourselves a working government in Washington.