Arching Eyebrows

So I took my hairstylist’s advise about taming my eyebrows (which are more visibly unruly, even though defined, after the extreme threading episode that my best friend conned me into this summer). I rounded up a thin tooth comb and a sharp pair of scissors for my project and dusted off the 4x mirror – I was ready to trim up a storm! But just holding the comb the right way caused me  hand-eye coordination problems between the mirror and holding the comb and scissors correctly. Then I remembered the mini sideburns shaver thingy that my son left behind … you can guess where I’m going with this … The razor still had juice and worked better than the scissors with the comb!

Somehow I got distracted – something caught my eye – and when I put the razor head to where I thought the comb was – zip! I had suddenly zapped off a thin vertical slice of eyebrow! It was too late for an oh no!!! Or a redo! What was I going to do – what could I do?

I am now sporting a sliced eyebrow. How down is that? Except I’m not 17 which is the age for eyebrow slices. Now that I have thinner, managed brows I have to color in the missing link – I hope eyebrow hair grows back fast – I don’t think that I’ll survive the scrutiny because my students will notice my camouflaged slice first thing upon entering my classroom – oh, I am so not down with that!!!