Donald Trump’s ego is about to explode!

Here’s a News Flash, Donald Trump: President Obama’s birth certificate has been online for 3 years. You could have used your famous business analytical skills (4+ business Chapter 11s) to  actually search the internet or check with the FBI for the president’s birth certificate confirmation – but no, instead you choose to flap your jaws to incite Bagger unrest and insult people who always knew of the certificate. “Is it real? Is it proper? Donald Trump wants to continue the craziness; to check the Hawaiian form out’ to validate the president’s birth certificate. He held a press conference to claim that it was he that brought forth the truth … he said that he was proud to be instrumental in bring out the truth … the Donald is a tool.

Ever heard of vetting, Donald? You must have had your lawyers vet your wives. And you probably had your producers check out your celebrities for your The Apprentice TV show. Then again, maybe not – your wives fail your expectations and Gary Busey – need I say more …

The Huffington Post broke a story of how republicans reacted to the BC press release: Former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney tweeted, “What President Obama should really be releasing is a jobs plan.” Isn’t this what house republicans and baggers campaigned to do to win their house seats? They haven’t spent any quality time debating jobs; they are more interested making sure the have-nots have-less and in kicking their old grannys to the curb.